UPDATE: Our community needs your support. As you can tell from below, I need your vote and your help reaching other voters. Financially, I’m okay.  If you have funds to contribute, please consider donating to the Vegas Freedom Fund, which will use your contribution to bail out protesters in Las Vegas.

Just kidding!  I don’t need your money, just your vote. I really, Really, REALLY appreciate you for clicking on the Contribute button though. It means a lot to me that you would support me with both your vote and your money. If I ever need money, I’ll let you know.


ruth is that I would never spend your money more freely than my own. I could buy signs and plaster them all over District D, but I’m not a litter bug and I don’t want to put eyesores throughout our neighborhood. Instead, I’d rather just direct you here, to this website, because the website is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and versatile. I suppose I could also hire canvassers to knock on doors and make phone calls, but I have friends who believe in me, want me to be Commissioner, and will do that for me. I’ll take friends over money any day.

If you feel strongly about supporting me financially, reach out. I’m not going to reject your money—that’d be silly. I do have a small wish list for those who can offer $20 for business cards or $500 for Facebook advertising.