Community Responsiveness

You spoke. I listened. See my follow-up below.

To me, this is the most important part of my website. This section gives you an opportunity to hold me accountable. If you tell me that something is important to you and I fail to address it here on my website, you can probably assume that I’m not going to do anything about your issue once I take office. Give me an opportunity to show you that I’ll begin addressing your needs right now.

I do hope that my responsiveness turns into your vote during the Primary. Truthfully, voting for me is only in your benefit if I’ve already figured out how to help you. I’ll follow through on your needs by including the info here; I need you to follow up on my needs by voting for me in the Primary.

Concerns from Neighbors in 89110:  We have troubles with graffiti. Someone stole my license plate from my car. There is just too much sketchy activity in my neighborhood.

Deepen “My Friend” Kothari’s thoughts and actions:

1) I explored the programs already in place. Specifically, the Neighborhood Watch program can help groups of people prevent crime through lessons on physical security, identity theft, and many other topics. The person who runs the Neighborhood Watch for Arcola was very responsive; she returned my phone call the next day and followed up on our phone conversation via email the next week. The program is worthwhile, and I conveyed what I learned to those who expressed concern so that they can create their own Neighborhood Watch group.


2) The program wasn’t exactly what my neighbors wanted. They wanted a way to incentivize the police to patrol in our subdivision more frequently. A greater police presence—any police presence at all, in fact—would minimize mischief.

About 8 or 9 years ago, I reached out to the police, offering the officers on patrol free water, soda, and food during their breaks. My area had a lot of crime, and having them be present, even for just a quick break in the middle of the night, would be a boon. I figured the officer would appreciate home cookin’ over Denny’s, and I was pretty sure that my neighbors and I could each take turns hosting the hangout spot. The idea was shot down immediately with, “Cops aren’t allowed to accept gifts.” The answer makes sense, but it was disheartening to know that the police aren’t even open to letting citizens do nice things for them.
As Commissioner, I will start to explore opportunities to go beyond the Neighborhood Watch program and get a deeper level of partnership with the police.

Concerns from Neighbors in 89110: People drive too fast through the neighborhood, and I would like a speed bump.

Deepen “My Friend” Kothari’s thoughts and actions:

1) I researched what it would take to get a speed bump. I learned that we cannot get speed bumps in Clark County. See Clark County presented several disadvantages to speed bumps. I informed the person who wanted speed bumps about the situation.

2) As Commissioner, I think people can weigh the pros and cons and come to their own decision. If you and the affected neighbors don’t mind the extra noise and skateboarders and whatever, fine; I’d let you have a speed bump. I’d just make sure that you’re risk aware and that you know the alternatives that might be better options and that Clark County recommends against adding speed bumps.

Concern from Melvin, who called into Power88.1’s show by Lou Collins and Ricky Towers: I own a small business. The communication pipeline is broken because I don’t hear about small business loans, grants, or other helpful opportunities. What will you do to better disseminate information?

Deepen “My Friend” Kothari’s thoughts and actions:

1) I already started connecting all of District D via text message. For me to contact you, I created a mass texting service. You can join by texting the word Start to 316-DEEPENK. I’ve already set up a mass texting service for Las Vegas PRIDE’s adult programming. The service has 500 members who repeatedly rave about the communication system.

2) For you to contact me, you have my personal number. 702-799-9321. Text me anytime. You may also call, but I much prefer texts—that’s the Millennial showing. Of course, you also have my email address, my physical address, my office phone, etc.

FAQ's about the Texting Service

Will you spam me?

No. You know where I live and work. I wouldn’t dare spam you. You must opt in (I can’t add your number), and you can always opt out.

What type of messages will you send?

MLK to 2 lanes Jun 4-9. Problems? Message me by 8 AM tmw.

Sm bus loans 10-50K. Apps at <link>. Jun 31 deadline. Act fast

HELP! Got $2M. Use it for free WiFi proj or free vaccine program? Vote at <link>

New Historic Westend Festival Oct 26. $20. See <link> for more info.

Why would I want to join your text messaging service?

The text message service will keep you connected to government. I’ll send out surveys to get your opinions, so that I’m truly representing you. I’ll send out info that I think most people want, like grant or loan opportunities. I’ll make you aware of potentially problematic decisions, like dates for construction, so you can give me immediate feedback if we’re closing an important road during a big festival or something. I’ll advertise events that I think are worth attending.

You might NOT want to join it, and that’s okay.

How often will you text me?

For PRIDE, I text once per week. When surveyed, participants said that the frequency of texts was either appropriate or not used enough. I’ll err on the side of fewer texts to start, and I’ll collect feedback along the way to make sure that I use it appropriately.

Will you sell my info?

No. I don’t even know who would buy it. My list really won’t be very valuable to anyone considering that the Nevada Secretary of State gives away phone numbers of every registered voter in the state for free. My list is actually a cost to me because I have to pay for every text message that I send out. That’s another reason you know that I won’t spam you—I’m waaaay too cheap for that.

Puede textar in Espanol?

Quiero que si. Necessito ayudame porque Espanol es mas dificil de Ingles por mi, pero sea major.

Can you text in Tagalog?

I would need help. If someone is willing to help me, please let me know because I do hope to remove all barriers to communication.

I’d love to hear from you. Email me your concerns at and I’ll address them here.