Few Words About Me

My Education, My Experience/Accomplishments, and My Name

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  • B.S. Biochemistry (and Finance) from Bowling Green St. Univ.
  • M.S. Analytical Chemistry from Washington State Univ.
  • Teaching Assistant, General Chemistry at Washington State Univ.
  • 8th grade Physical Science teacher, O’Callaghan Middle School
  • Received specialized training through:
    • Univ. of Nevada Reno High Altitude Ballooning in the Classroom
    • NASA Airborne Research Experiences for Educators and Students in Palmdale, CA
    • Summer School on Actinide Science & Application at the Joint Research Center—Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Dept. of Energy Nonproliferation Issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction at the Univ. of Missouri
    • Dept. of Energy Nuclear and Radiochemistry Summer School at San Jose State Univ.


  • J.D. Intellectual Property from Franklin Piece School of Law at the Univ. of New Hampshire
  • Licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Licensed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Patent Prosecution and Patent Litigation Attorney, Pate Baird in Salt Lake City, UT
  • General Litigation Attorney, Orrick Herrington Sutcliffe LLP in San Francisco, CA
  • International Tax Intern, Nishith Desai Associates in Palo Alto, CA and Bangalore, India
  • Intangible Asset Valuation Intern, Willamette Management Associates in Chicago, IL


  • Incomplete M.Ed. from Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Teach for America Las Vegas Valley alumnus
  • Contract Teacher Trainer, Rancho High School
  • 8th Grade Physical Science Teacher, O’Callaghan Middle School
  • ACT, PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT teacher, Kaplan Test Prep
  • Assistant Scoutmaster for Troops 114 (Toledo, OH), 460 (Pullman, WA), and 81 (Concord, NH)
  • Guest Lecturer at many conferences and universities


  • B.S. Finance (and Biochemistry) from Bowling Green State Univ.
  • Created sustainable nonprofit programs in Las Vegas
    • Developed and maintained relationships between Vegas’ LGBTQ+ organizations and legal community to offer gender diverse folks free legal name changes and gender marker changes
    • Grew adult programming arm of Las Vegas PRIDE to offer over 100 events annually by fostering mutually beneficial relationships with LGBTQ+ venues, presenters, donors, and events
    • Founded the Ski and Snowboard Club at O’Callaghan M.S. by teaching middle schoolers how to fundraise at industry events.
  • Cashed out and reinvested the Bowling Green State Univ. Finance Dept. Endowment Fund (~$50,000 in 2004)


  • Moved here in 2010
  • Bought my house (near Owens and Lamb) in 2010
  • I take advantage of Vegas’ many well-known and lesser-known attractions
    • I go clubbing on the Strip, gambling with friends, and drinking on Fremont and Container Park.
    • I scramble up Red Rock, soak in the hot springs, sail on Lake Mead, ski Lee Canyon, etc.
    • I love, Love, LOVE the shows. Cirque and Absinthe, Smith Center, Dirty at 12:30, etc.
    • The food here is amazing. The ice cream at La Flor de Michoacan on Lake Mead, the curry at Thai Cuisine on Nellis,..that list could be its own website.
  • My friends are here. I’m trying to bring my family here. And my foreseeable future is here.

Community Organizer

  • Adult Programming for Las Vegas PRIDE
    • Grew program from 11 people to ~2400 in 5.5 years
    • 50+ classes per year with average attendance around 40
    • 50+ socials per year
    • Special Interest Groups:
      • book club
      • crafting group
      • pet group
    • Partnership with many outside groups, including UNLV, DEFCON and San Diego PRIDE
  • Name Change Program
    • Helped 100+ individuals in one year get free legal name changes with attorney representation per year
    • 2015 Champion of Justice Award winner
    • Handed off program that still remains today
  • Ski and Snowboard Club at O’Callaghan Middle School


My parents named me Deepen. I love my name. Deepen means light. Specifically, “deep” refers to a ghee lamp (candle) used in poojas (prayer services) and the “en” is a suffix that means by or from. The special light that comes from a ghee lamp in religious ceremonies is Deepen. Linguists might criticize this etymology; that won’t change the facts that my name is cool, my mother imbued my name with that meaning, and the label fits.

The name “Deepen Kothari” can be difficult for non-Indians. Getting a table reservation invariably involves saying my name three times, then spelling it. The good news is that you don’t need to remember my name.  I hope you not only think of me as your neighbor, but also as your friend.  Just vote for your friend.  I’m Deepen “My Friend” Kothari on the ballot.