Thank you for visiting my website! I’m excited that you’re taking time to learn about me. Here, you’ll find a little info about my background, political platforms, and approach to solving the issues that you’ve said are important to you.

Feel free to ask me questions. I could fill this site with info on many issues, but I prefer to focus on what matters to YOU instead of what matters to me. That’s not just my goal for the website; staying focused on the needs of my neighbors is my goal as County Commissioner, too.


Deepen “My Friend” Kothari


¡Gracias por visitar mi página en internet! Me entusiasma que Usted esté dedicando tiempo a conocer más acerca de mi persona. En este espacio encontrará ciertos antecedentes de mi trayectoria, plataformas políticas y mi abordaje para resolver los problemas que Usted ha indicado que son importantes para usted.

Por favor con toda confianza hágame preguntas. Estoy a sus órdenes para hablarle de todo, pero preferiría enfocarme a lo que le importe a USTED en vez de lo que me importa a mí. Así seré como Comisionado; siempre estaré enfocado en Usted.

Muy atentamente,

Deepen “My Friend” Kothari

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  • What's your favorite picture of yourself?

    I did a space launch with my 8th grade science students at O’Callaghan Middle School. During the summer before, seven of us science teachers joined a training by UNR faculty and students that would help us use this project to maximize student learning.  This photo of me was taken during the training.

    To all the middle schoolers–this is what your teachers are like when kids aren’t around us.

    To all of my former students–I know that I told you not to do this.  Sorry.  Teachers really do get in trouble when our kids float away.

    This picture reminds me of the Darwin Award winner, Lawn Chair Larry Walters. Read his story here.

  • Which meme always makes you laugh?

    With all the stuff that I’ve been through, you’d think I’d be ripped.  Sadly, the only six-pack that I have is in the fridge.

  • Where would the Sorting Hat place you?

    Ravenclaw.  My favorite spell is, of course, Lumos.  See if you can figure out why.

    Will you make an Unbreakable Vow to vote for Deepen “My Friend” Kothari in the Primary?  That’s what I need to make Clark County better for Magicians, muggles, and squibs.

  • Why isn't there much information about you online?

    I’m pretty private.  And camera shy.  Going into politics will push my comfort limits, but I’ll deal with it.

    For no good reason (because no good reason is needed for me to feel the way I feel), I don’t like having much info about me on the Internet.  Lacking any social media presence makes me a disgrace to my generation.  Millennials–please love me anyways.

    I’m an open book.  Ask me whatever you need to know in order for me to get your vote in the Primary.

  • Have you ever broken a bone?

    Twice.  The first time was in 2003.  A French guy kicked me in the chest, and I broke a rib.  I never saw the doctor, which is probably why you can still see a footprint indentation in my chest.

    The second time was in the late spring of 2019.  I slammed into a tree while skiing Lee Canyon, shattering my tibia and smooshing my fibula.  I tried for two weeks to walk off my injury before finally going to the doc.  Rob Phoenix (my primary) of the Huntridge Family Clinic, Dr. Kingsberg (my orthopedic surgeon) of Bone and Joint Specialists, and Karen Crawford (my physical terrorist) of MML Therapy patched me up, and I was back to skiing and boarding this season.

    I’m both very active and very clumsy.  That’s a killer combo.  If you see me hobbling, I probably did something fun that weekend.

  • If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

    A manatee.  I feel a really strong kinship with the manatee.  We’re both extremely nonviolent.  Just stick us someplace warm and let us graze on some seagrass.  Neither of us has any natural predators–everyone likes us–but we both have scars from inconsiderate humans.  After all of that, would you question my humanatee?  Maybe I should use humanadee, for Deepen.